November 9, 10, 11, & 12, 2017 at KayHi Auditorium

Our season opener blends tender romance and the grim march of history. In the decadent Berlin of 1931, with the Nazis poised for power, we look in on the seedy Kit Kat Klub, overseen by the emcee. Amid all the anxieties of Weimar Germany, love flowers for an American writer and a cabaret performer, and romance touches a German boarding house owner and her elderly Jewish suitor. This story and its strong songs are award winning mainstays of musical theatre. We are proud to present it in the First City.

Directed by Elizabeth Nelson
Choreography by Elizabeth Avila
Musical Direction by Deidra Nuss

*This show is rated PG-13 for adult situations and brief strong language*

Thank you to everyone who auditioned and congratulations to everyone cast!

Cast of Cabaret

Emcee (Master of Ceremonies) – Paul Kortemeier
Clifford Bradshaw – Hamilton Cleverdon
Fraulein Schneider – Clare Bennett
Herr Schultz – Russell Wodehouse
Fraulein Kost – Danielle Pratt
Sally Bowles – Heidi Poet
Ernst Ludwig – Forrest McGillis
Chanteuse – Deb Porter
Max – Jeff Fitzwater
Kit Kat Girls:
 – Harmila Earth
Texas – Jillian Pollock
Helga – Estelle Cowie
Lulu – Nicole Forbes
Rosie – Daniela Sáez
Fritzie – Kim Stone
Kit Kat Boys:
Bobby – Garrett Jansen
Victor – Michael Young
Hans – Damiel Suarez
Herman – Zachary Leighton

Elizabeth Avila
Scott Brandt-Erichsen
Steve Corporon
Jenny Dupre
Corrie Embree
Amanda Glanzer
Hillary Hammond
Chasina Klein
Rod Landis
Shelby Lewis
Lori Orlowski
Bella Roberts

Elizabeth Nelson

Elizabeth Avila

Musical Director
Deidra Nuss

Set & Lighting Design
Keith Smith

Sound Design
Kyle G. Bailey

Costume Design
Jackie Jones-Bailey, Lynn Jorgensen, Pam Duran

Assistant Director
Taylor McKenna

Production Stage Manager
Lou Ann Richardson

Marggie Sweetman

Deidra Nuss

Reed 1 (clarinet and alto sax)
Dave Kiffer

Reed 2 (tenor sax and flute)
Leslie Snodderly

Jeff Karlson

Matt Armstrong

Steve Perro

Synthesizer (principally accordion)
Elia Zurfluh

Rachael Schoenfeld

Karl Richey

Chazz Gist

Monday, Oct 16
6:00 Run all dances! We'll answer questions and make clarifications as needed
7:00 Act II Scene 2 “Married – Schultz & Schneider

Tuesday, Oct 17
6:00 Act II Scene 5 & 6 – Emcee, Cliff, Sally, Ernst, Max, Bodyguards, Schultz
7:00 Act II Scene 4 – Sally, Cliff, Schneider

Wednesday, Oct 18
Choreography rehearsal only (no Elizabeth N or Deidra)
5:45 Kickline
6:15 Mein Herr
7:00 “Through My Eyes” Clare, Paul, Elizabeth A

Thursday, Oct 19
6:00 Act II Scene 7 (Cliff, Emcee, Sally, Schultz, Schneider, Ernst)
Add music that needs work

Friday, Oct 20
6:00 Run Act II (beginning with Kickline dancers)
(Stop & Go)

Saturday, Oct 21
We are taking this Saturday off. Please be ready to rehearse 2 Ladies or Through My Eyes if Clare would like the time with you.

Sunday, Oct 22
No rehearsal – Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Monday, Oct 23
7:00 (note the time change) Act I, Scenes 1 – 6
(stop and go) – Off Book

Tuesday, Oct 24
7:00 Act 1, Scenes 7 – 12
(stop and go) – Off Book

Wednesday, Oct. 25
7:00 Act II (stop and go)

Thursday, Oct. 26
7:00 Act II (off book)

Friday, Oct 27
5:00 Wilkommen Dancers Costume fitting
6:00 Act I

Saturday, Oct 28

Sunday, Oct 29
Last day of no rehearsal

Monday, Oct 30
7:00 Run Show – Off Book – You can still call for lines

Tuesday, Oct 31
7:00 Run Show – Off Book – You can still call for lines

Wed, Nov 1
6:00 Kayhi Band Room – Sing Through with the band – Act I

Thursday, Nov 2
7:00 Run the show in the Kayhi Green Room – No line calls

Friday, Nov 3
6:00 Kayhi Band Room – Sing Through with the band – Act II and any problems

Saturday, Nov 4
9AM – I will have a specific schedule as soon as I can. I imagine that we want to space every dance on stage in the morning. Run the show in the afternoon with set.
Please bring food to share – this is an all day rehearsal. So we make this a potluck day!

Sunday, Nov 5
1:00 PM – Run the show with costume

Monday, Nov 6
7:30 curtain – full dress

Tuesday, Nov 7
7:30 curtain – full dress

"There was a cabaret, and there was a master of ceremonies…and there was a city called Berlin, in a country called Germany…and it was the end of the world."